About Us

Who we are:

Infimoney is a leading stock advisory portal, that provides best stock picks to investors based on in-depth analysis of companys fundamentals, so that they get the best stocks to invest that will prove to be multibaggers in the long run.

What do we stand for?

We bring rationality to investing, by educating investors about how to pick stocks, investment strategies, and principles of investing. Instead of throwing some random stocks with a target and a stop-loss,we try to explain, in simple words, the rationale behind our recommendations. This helps us in achieving two important goals:


Explaining our recommendations in a logical way to our investors helps them to understand and learn the process of investing, which makes them feel more confident about their investment decisions.


We also share our investment strategy, philosophy and principles of investing so that investors learn to analyze, and pick stocks for themselves.

We encourage investors to ask questions, seek answers, and have a logical approach towards making an investment decision.

How do we pick stocks?

We work with our?team of analysts to pick the stocks carefully and brainstorm on the logical and rational reasons that will make a stock a great investment. We put this knowledge in simple words and prepare a detailed report about the company, its past performance, future prospects and reasons behind recommending the stock.

Our Mission:

To assist and educate Indian investors about basic concepts of investing and share our insights with them, thereby helping them in making investments based on knowledge instead of guesswork.

Our Vision:

To become a leading education based investment advisory company by providing best investment adivce and share all the knowledge with our clients, helping them in educating themselves about the market and achieving their financial goals.


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