5 Strong signs of market crash in 2019

5 Strong Signs That Indicate Market Crash in 2019

“The happiest times of a man are also his weakest” 2018 has been a great year for market, especially for ...
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market valuation

How To Find If Market Is Overvalued? Use These Two Easy Methods

Most investors willing to invest for long term in the market have a very common question in mind such as: ...
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PE vs PEG ratio

Reason Why you should ditch that P/E ratio and use this Instead

Decades of research and analysis by analysts has given us many valuation tools which can be used to value a ...
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Valuation Ratios what are they hiding

Valuation Ratios, What are They Hiding From You?

The above quote from Benjamin Graham, father of Value investing shows the importance of valuing a stock. Finding a good ...
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Is long term investing dead?

Is long term investing Dead? Truth finally revealed

One of the oldest and time tested way of making money from stock market is to buy and hold for ...
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Bonus, splits, rights issue and buybacks explained

Bonus, Splits, Rights issue and Buyback explained

If you ever watch business channels, you will find them using lot of financial terms unknown to common man. As ...
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the marshmallow experiment

The Marshmallow experiment and How can it shape you as an investor?

In the age of instant coffee, fast food, fast service and real time communication, where everything is available at the ...
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What is Futures and Options

All About Derivatives: What is Futures and Options?

Back in the old days, stock market was the game of the rich and affluent, and only those who had ...
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What is Algo Trading and How it works? Advantages and Disadvantages

Advent of computers and internet has been a game changer in every field, providing opportunities to common people that were ...
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Shocking Revelations Financial Ratios Can Make And How To Use Them

Fundamental analysis is all about analyzing the financial statements of the company to understand the future growth and expected returns ...
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What is an IPO? And Should You Invest in Them?

IPOs or Initial Public offerings have been the buzzword in the current market. With a string of big IPOs such ...
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investing vs trading

Investing vs Trading: Which is better and how to become a good one?

People new to the world of investing have many questions and dilemmas, such as how to find good companies to ...
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