economic moat

5 Ways Businesses Can Create Economic Moat

The concept of economic moats is the cornerstone of value investing. Successful investing is not limited to finding undervalued stocks, ...
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Can We Really Predict The Market?

“Past performance does not guarantee future returns”. You might have heard or read this line in stock market many times, ...
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Holding companies

Holding Companies: All You Need To Know

Holding Companies are complex in structure and can be difficult to understand. With companies increasing in size and getting more ...
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free cash flow

Free cash flow: Everything you need to know

Free cash flow can be very useful measure to understand the true profitability of a company. It is hard to ...
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What is a Ponzi Scheme? 5 Signs on how to spot them.

Introduction: Make money without any risk, sure shot guarantee, consistent returns. Many investors already made crores...Hurry up. If the lines ...
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Reasons Why Rupee is Falling Against Dollar

A country's currency is a determinant of its financial stability and prosperity. In order to have a strong currency, a ...
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behavioral biases

Behavioural Biases That Impact Rational Investing

“Sometimes you are your own worst enemy”- Gautam Buddha Humans are rational as well as emotional, and sometimes both of ...
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case studies

[Case Studies] How A Dishonest Management Can Destroy Good Business?

“There are three things we look at in a management of a company, intelligence, energy and integrity. If they do ...
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get rich quick

Billionaire to Broke, Why Easy money Does Not Stay Long?

Introduction: David Ghele, a lawnmower in USA, won a lottery of $365 million, making him rich overnight. He spent all ...
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All You Need to Know About Penny Stocks

“Just looking at the price is not investing, its gambling” -Warren Buffett Most investors confuse price of a stock with ...
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Types of Businesses You Should Avoid Investing

“Value investing is all about finding what the business is worth, and paying lot less for it” The above quote ...
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Balance Sheet

Most Important Balance Sheet Terms Explained

Understanding the different types of financial documents and the information each contains helps you better understand your financial position and ...
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