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Our Philosophy: At Infimoney, we believe investing is like planting a seed, it takes some time and effort for a seed to become a tree, but once it is done, the fruits of labor can be enjoyed throughout life. We believe real success of an investment lies in picking a quality stock and holding it for a long time, letting the power of compounding growth work in your favor and enjoying the return on your investment throughout your life.

How It Began: The seeds of Infimoney were planted when Ankit Shrivastav, founder of Infimoney, found that there was a dearth of reliable advisors that could help investors understand why a stock will perform the way it is being told. Most advisors bombarded investors with too many stocks, targets and stop losses, without explaining their rationale behind it. Investors had no option but to take a leap of faith and rely completely on their advisors, putting their hard earned money at risk.

Why Infimoney was born: Infimoney was born with an intention to simplify investment approach. The research team of Infimoney analyzes stocks, finds the rationale behind why a stock will perform and explains this in simple words to an average investor.

Infimoney uses successful approach to investing in Indian stock market. We uncomplicate analysis for our investors, making it easier for an average investor to understand, and make the right investment decision. We use three parameters of a stock to make our investment decisions.

1. Understanding of business

2. Past financial performance

3. Future growth potential

By analyzing these three parameters of a business, we pick the best stocks for our clients, helping them beat the market by the wide margin. We provide complete investment assistance from beginning to end, recommending the right stock, right entry and exit points, all that in a simple to understand way. If you are one of those who is tired of chasing profits and wants the profit to come to you, Infimoney is the right place for you.



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